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 San Juan Capistrano

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About Us

Tithing / Community Outreach

Here at First Church of Christ, Scientist, San Juan Capistrano, we are “cheerful givers” as it says in II Corinthians 9:7!

We tithe 10% of our collection each month to a specific local, national, or world-wide organization whose mission our membership has decided to support.

But even more important than our monetary contributions is our support of their mission through our individual and collective prayers. We ask each tithing partner to let us know their specific challenges or needs. We include these in the prayer requests announced in services, and we often address these topics from a spiritual standpoint in our regular Wednesday meeting readings, too. We also invite representatives of these groups to speak to us so that we can learn of their work and better support them with prayer.

Several are organizations that our members are involved in in some way, so that we can support them as they are active in their communities.

Some of the groups we have supported over the years include: