First Church of Christ, Scientist, 

 San Juan Capistrano

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Below is a list of teams and their descriptions

  • Audio/Visual Club: Operates the teleconference, A/V board, internet, and video projector systems during church services, meetings and special events.
  • Building / Landlord Team: Acts as a liaison between the landlord and the membership regarding any correspondence, maintenance or changes to our leased facilities.
  • Campership Team: Assists Sunday School pupils in attending summer camps and participating in leadership training activities.
  • Care Team: Responds to requests for special assistance by members and provides for any need that can be appropriately answered by church members.
  • Child Care Team: Cares for infants and children up to age three whose parents or guardians are attending Sunday or Wednesday meetings.
  • Community Room Team: Maintains the room for use by various teams and members.
  • Design Team: The team’s goal is to ensure that the functionality of our church home is suitable for everybody.
  • Facilitating Team: elected team to conduct daily business of the church. See Guidelines.
  • Finance Team: Maintains the financial records. Completes approved financial transactions.  Prepares monthly financial reports for membership approval.  Prepares annual budget. Oversees invested financial assets.
  • Flow Team: Keeps donated literature in order and circulating to meet community needs.
  • Flower Team: Provides floral and plant arrangements for the foyer and readers table.
  • Host Team: Welcomes all members and visitors. Specific duties are detailed in the Host Guidelines.
  • Institutional Committee Liaison: between our church and the Orange County Institutional Committee.
  • Lecture Team: Arranges lectures given by members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship to bring Christian Science to the community.
  • Mentoring Team: Helps potential members become acquainted with our church.    Continues to be available to answer questions about church activities and governance.
  • Music Team: Is responsible for the musical contribution to the Sunday and Wednesday services.
  • Newsletter Team: keeps information about our church and activities flowing and available to all members.
  • Outreach Team: Supports our local, regional and world community. This support may take the form of prayer, active, as well as monetary aid and any other forms of help agreed to by the membership.
  • Reader Coordinator Team: Coordinates the scheduling of volunteer Readers for Sunday and Wednesday meetings. See Readers Helpful Hints
  • Reading Room Team: Staffs our public Reading Room to respond to questions about Christian Science, the activities of our church, and selling published books and magazines.
  • Refreshments Team: Hosts refreshments for fellowship time after the Sunday service and for special events, and clean up afterwards.
  • Sunday Program Production Team: Prepares and prints the weekly church program, providing both hard copies for the room and electronic copies for website posting.
  • Sunday School Team: In small classes students up to the age of 20 learn spiritual solutions and how to apply their growing understanding of Christian Science to their daily lives.
  • Tellers Team: Collects and tabulates the contributions each Sunday. Two members serve on this team each month.
  • Tithing Team: Provides information and education about each tithing recipient. Coordinates the selection of recipients for each calendar year.
  • Website Team: Maintains and updates the Church's website.