3 - Climate Wetlands - Mara Purl and Derra Moyers

  • Wetlands perform critical environmental functions: protection from storm surge, filtration of toxins, nurseries for key species, natural purification systems, and more. In many modern cultures, however, wetlands are viewed as useless bogs, unusable for development, and potential areas for landfill. Members Mara Purl and Derra Moyers share perspectives on scientific, legal, and historic data.

  • Mara Purl is an author and former journalist published by the Associated Press, Rolling Stone, the London-based Financial Times, and The Christian Science Monitor. Her research into environmental issues includes ocean exploration, whale species, the genesis of electric vehicles, data gathering and analysis from NASA’s Landsat program. She was part of a team who worked with Al Gore’s environmental initiatives, wrote “The Ecosystem” documentary for Anglia Television, was part of the film crew for Discovery Channel’s documentary “Trees,” and created a radio drama centered on environmental controversies in a small town.

  • Derra Moyers is a professional technical editor whose career began as a drafting technician for major, independent, and foreign oil and gas exploration companies, advancing to geotechnical and environmental engineering consulting firms. She now provides editing assistance to environmental engineers and scientists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and chemists on land development projects, corporate real estate portfolios, and industrial facilities projects involving the investigation and remediation of contaminants in soil, groundwater, stormwater, and air. Having worked on both sides of industry has been an asset to her understanding of regulations, procedures, cleanups, documentation, and marketing.

1 - Climate Protection Water Rights – Tad Foster, Esq.

  • Perhaps the most precious resource in the Western U.S. is water. Who has rights to use our water? Tad Foster is a lawyer whose career has focused on water rights in the West. A member of First Church of Christ, Scientist in Colorado Springs, Tad’s presentation looks at water from a legal, a geological, and a metaphysical perspective.

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Community Prayer Projects

We currently have some ongoing community prayer projects.

Love Our Neighbors

The Love Our Neighbors project, working on healing all forms of discrimination in our community and our world. We're in the process of meeting with several community members/leaders to find effective ways to heal discrimination locally. We are also encouraging non-local members to identify and heal any forms of discrimination in their communities. For more info contact Shana Johnson: shanajohnson@yahoo.com

Climate Studies

The Climate Studies project, where members of the group study specific climate-related issues with the help of visiting experts to better understand how to pray about this important global issue. 

The Climate Studies project shares the following videos:



3 - Climate Protection Practical Steps - Ed Begley, Jr.

  • What can we do in our daily lives to positively impact our planet’s health? Ed Begley takes us on a personal tour of his platinum-level eco home, designed from the ground up to be self-sustaining with zero negative impact to its surrounding.

  • Ed Begley, Jr. is a well-known actor, star of television series and films. He has also been a dedicated environmentalist since the first Earth Day in 1970. He and a small group of friends (including Mara Purl) worked with Al Gore to bring greater climate awareness to the nation in the 1990s. Ed and his wife Rachelle Carson created the streaming show “Living With Ed” about their environmental home. Ed is the author of “Ed Begley’s Gude to Sustainable Living” published by Random House. He has served on the boards of Coalition for Clean Air, Environmental Media Association, The American Oceans Campaign, League of Conservation Voters, and several other organizations.

2 - Climate Ecosystems – Kerry Joels, PhD

  • What is a closed ecosystem? Kerry Joels explains ecosystems from the perspective of the whole planet, a “macro” view of how humans impact our planet, and how a sense of wholeness is an important aspect of healing climate issues.

  • Dr. Kerry M. Joels holds a doctorate in Aerospace and Education. His experiences include creative and leadership positions with NASA; the National Air and Space Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution; the White House Young Astronaut Program; the Challenger Center for Space science Education; and the US Dept of Health and Human Services. He currently serves as president of Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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