First Church of Christ, Scientist, 

 San Juan Capistrano

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About Us


How can a Church live up to its tremendous potential?

That’s one of the questions that a small group of south Orange County Christian Scientists began to discuss at weekly informal gatherings in January 1994. Each of us was motivated by a remarkable encounter with spiritual healing and the rich blessings which flow from a God-centered life. They wanted to share the healing ministry of Christian Science with their neighbors and community.

Their discussions delved deeply into the nature of church, the Christian duty to love our neighbor, Mary Baker Eddy’s intentions in founding the Christian Science church, the role of the spirit in guiding them, and overcoming unnecessary traditions that often hampers churches.

Six months later this group began holding informal Sunday morning church services and Wednesday evening meetings in a small storefront situated between the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Amtrak railroad tracks. Originally called the Christian Science Activity Center, they also provided a Bible study/book store/resource center and partnered with community agencies to help those in need in the area.

In February 2000, we began advertising in The Christian Science Journal as the Christian Science Society, San Juan Capistrano. This means that we became a part of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, a world-wide organization founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1892. This affiliation enables us to extend the warm embrace and support of the world-wide Christian Science movement to our friends, neighbors, fellow churches and business owners in San Juan Capistrano.

We find that our individual growth in our understanding of God and ourselves as God’s children nurtures our church activities. Our regular workshops on spiritual issues applied to practical issues help to keep our focus on God and our mission.

In March 2005 we moved to our present, larger location in a comfortable office building, but still near the railroad tracks!

In 2016 we applied for and were accepted to become First Church of Christ, Scientist, San Juan Capistrano.

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