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Please note: starting 3/18/2020 there will be no in person attendance.

We'd love to have you join us via Telephone (landline or cell phone), or Internet & Zoom (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Sunday Church Service

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Upcoming Events

This Church:

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June 3 @ 7:30PM: Wednesday Testimony Meeting. “Grace to go forward..." Click here to attend by telephone or internet/Zoom.

June 8 @ 7PM: Growing Church Workshop. Attend by telephone or by internet/Zoom.

Tithing info: This Christian Science Church tithes 10% of our collection each month to a specific local, national, or global organizations whose mission we support. Our tithing recipient for May is the Center for Law and Military Policy (CLMP). Founded in 2017 by Christian Scientist and JAG officer Dwight Stirling, CLMP is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our nation’s service members and veterans by strengthening their legal rights and helping to fix the deep–seated problems that lead to homelessness, mental health issues and suicide. Recently CLMP launched the Brothers in Arms Initiative, whose mission is to close the civil-military gap. With only 1% of the American population serving in uniform, the disconnect between military personnel and society getting larger. The goal is to bring attention to the lack of connection between service members and the civilian community and then to identify concrete ways to end the isolation, so that re-integration into society will be significantly easier when they leave the military.   

Talks, etc. in Orange County:

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Talks, etc. elsewhere:

May 31 @ 5PM: Online Hymn Sing from CedarS Camps. Attend via Zoom:, then enter Password: 736307. Click here for details.

June 8 @ 10AM: Annual Meeting of The Mother Church. The meeting will be online only, and more information may be found at:

Youth and Family Events:

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​​​Weekly Events

This Church:

Monthly Events

This Church:

Second Mondays @ 7:00 PM: Growing Church Workshop (GCW) & Open Forum (OF).

Fourth Mondays @ 7:00 PM: Metaphysical Workshop.

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