Our weekly schedule includes Sunday morning church services, Sunday School, and Wednesday evening sharing meetings. These services are provided for everyone in our community.

Sunday Services

Our services are informal and visitor-friendly. Come dressed as you feel comfortable!

Our services are designed to bring Christian healing into your life. The founder of our church, Mary Baker Eddy, appointed the Bible and her textbook, "Science and Health with the Key to the Scriptures," as the Pastor of our church. So the centerpiece of the Sunday service is a lesson-sermon read from these two important books by two people from our congregation (who are members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA.) The lesson-sermon for each week is available for study during the week; it’s available in the
Christian Science Quarterly.

The main part of our Sunday service begins at 10:00 and lasts for about an hour. Everyone is welcome to come early and get to know others before we begin. After the service, join us for food and fellowship.

Click here early each Sunday morning for information the Sunday morning service.

Here's what’s included in a typical Sunday morning service:

• Musical Prelude
• Hymn
• Brief Scriptural reading
• Silent Prayer
• Lord's Prayer
• Hymn
• Announcements
• Solo
• Lesson Sermon
• Contemplative Music
• Hymn
• Closing citation from textbook
• Correlative citation from 1 John
• Benediction
• Musical Postlude


Child care is available during the Sunday and Wednesday services.

Sunday School: Spiritual Education for Youth

Small informal Sunday School classes are held at 10:00 on Sunday morning for young folks in the community up to the age of 20.

The focus of Sunday School is to help young people understand the spiritually inspired Word of the Bible and apply Biblical truths to their daily lives. The younger classes focus on understanding basic teachings such as the Ten Commandments, The Lord's Prayer and popular Bible stories. The older classes learn to apply healing principles to everyday life situations. The teachers are experienced Christian Scientists dedicated to helping young people learn the valuable lessons of the Bible through the teachings of Christian Science.


Wednesday Sharing Meetings, 7:30 pm

The focus of our midweek meetings is a spiritual perspective on contemporary topics. A member of our congregation prepares readings from the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

The meetings also include prayer and singing. The last half of the one-hour meeting is for people to share healings and spiritual insights.

We enjoy having young folks at our Wednesday evening service.

Child care is available during the Wednesday services. 


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