Community Outreach
We contribute from our monthly financial collections to a local, national, or international group chosen by our congregation. We often invite representatives of these groups to speak to us so that we can learn of their work and support them with prayer. The topics of our Wednesday meeting readings from the Bible and Science and Health often address these issues from a spiritual standpoint.

We have tithed to the Boys and Girls Club of San Juan Capistrano, The Gang Prevention Task Force, Laura's House (shelter for battered women), San Juan Capistrano Public Library, and Mainstream Recovery Group (a residential treatment center for recovering substance abusers).

Recipients receive our financial support for 1-3 months. Some organizations have received ongoing support throughout the year, such as Family Assistance Ministries, which helps women and children get back on their feet.

This Church supports CREER (Spanish for “to believe) in its mission to “develop children, youth, and families through educational, health, cultural, sports and leadership programs.” Our prayers, our tithing and our involvement constitute that support.

Since 2006, a group of 20 teens and adults have built houses for a family in need in Tijuana, through the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) “Homes of Hope” organization.  Click here for more information on this year's missions.

Our church has been actively supporting the Ngochoni Petals of Africa School since 1997 with prayer, book donations, and financial contributions.  The school's mission is "to impart knowledge to children, including less fortunate ones, in a sound environment maintaining high moral and academic standards."  The Headmistress, Administrator and Treasurer of the school are class-taught Christian Scientists and natives of Kenya.  In 2014, 176 students are attending pre-kindergarten through eight grade classes. Donations, earmarked “Petals School,” are
welcome.  Click here for more information about the school.

Our church has also supported members who are active in their communities helping the Navajo community in northern Arizona, Marine Corps recruits in San Diego, and persecuted ethnic hill tribes in Burma (Myanmar), where we provided two satellite communication systems to help raise awareness about injustice in Burma. We support each of these efforts on an ongoing basis through prayer and, when appropriate, through donations.  Donations for the Burma effort can be earmarked “Burma Matters.”

We also have been sending useful items (phone cards, books, magazines, CDs, personal items, etc.) to United States soldiers on rest and rehabilitation at Camp Assayliyah in Qatar in the Middle East.

Our 2017 Tithing Schedule with the liaisons, is as follows:
January – Freedom Fighters of (WIN)
(Liaison: CW Gruenig) 
Worldwide Impact Now (WIN) is providing support for the Karen, an indigenous people of Burma, defending their land against the Burmese Army seeking to control the natural resources.

February –   Boys and Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley  
(Liaison: Paul Garman)
        The Boys and Girls Clubs provide safe and healthy activities for the children of San Juan
        Capistrano and surrounding areas and assistance for families in need. 

March– R Star Foundation -
(Liaison: Paul Garman)
          Rosalind Russell, regular attendee of SJC CS Church, journeys to Nepal to share her
understanding of democracy, support education at Top-of-the-World School, and gift goats to needy families.

April – Our Father’s Table –
(Liaison: Marcia Brannon)
This local Christian organization provides street outreach for our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness, and reminding them of their own worth and God's love for them.

May – Rainbow Valley Resource Network - 
(Liaison: Alan Hess)

Led by Todd Herzer, RVRN advocates for and supports the spiritual growth of those working through the label of developmental disability who have chosen Christian Science as their way of life.

June – Veterans' Legal Institute 
(Liaison: Lenore Garman)

Founded and directed by Christian Scientist and former JAG officer Dwight Stirling, it advocates for low-income veterans who need help navigating civilian life and the bureaucracy of the VA.
(U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs).

July – Schools of the Heart - Congo, Africa 
(Liaison: Paul Garman)

This school, run by Christian Scientist Mayal Tshiabula, takes children off the street and gives them a place to live and an education they would not otherwise receive.

August – Scholars Together - 
(Liaison: Alan Hess
This school, led by founding member Tien Langlois, that lovingly guides diverse-style learners in their cultivation of character, integrity, confidence, and life skills. 

September– FAM (Family Assistance Ministries) –
(Liaison: Kay Owens)
A faith-based non-profit assisting those in southern Orange County with food, shelter, supportive counseling, and aid, helping to bridge the gap from dependency to self-sufficiency.

October – Petals of Africa School, Kenya - 
(Liaisons: Kathy & Dick Smith

         A nursery through 8th grade school associated with Christian Science and being given support
         and oversight by E-3.  Not all students are Christian Scientists and many are orphans.

November – Open for Additional recipient or gifting

December –
A/U Ranch / Discovery Bound -
(Liaison: Diana Colarossi)
A Colorado camp for Christian Science youth and adults impacting many lives through Christian Science. Discovery Bound provides events in communities around the US. 

If you would like to join us in supporting any of these organizations, please email us.

Homes of Hope 2007

This Society, along with First Church of Christ, Scientist, Dana Point, the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club, and other organizations and individuals, supported a volunteer building team of 13 youth and young adults, with a total of 26 participants, in the "Homes of Hope" Youth With A Mission project on December 27-29, 2007 in Tijuana, Mexico. The Carvajal Rodriguez family was the recipient of the new home. They have 4 children ranging in age from 10 to 18.

Below is a link to a video presentation about the project.

Homes of Hope 2007 Video

Tel: (949)443-2537        Email:

To participate by phone:
(805) 309-2350 Access Code: 12111#
           (712) 770-4160 Access Code: 332950#

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NOTE: when connected via 712 770 4160 on your computer, you cannot un-mute yourself to give a testimony or comments. If you want to speak, call 805-309-2350, access code: 12111# on your telephone.

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